Earth Sky Dance Testimonials




  • The music you played was sublime. ~Rachel

  • It’s amazing to have this space. To not have to wear a mask… to not need to pretend. ~David

  • You have a gift of enhancing. It’s allowing. It’s always here. That’s what you do… you allow… ~P

  • It felt close to insanity at times. Like this is not what people normally do… It reminded me of playing, creating, inventing by myself, when I was a child… ~D

  • I dance a lot, but that was the first time this year I’ve tapped into such euphoria… Thank you. ~Olly

  • I felt bathed in… wrapped up… massaged by the music. ~Meg

  • I moved tonight in a continuous flow from beginning to end. I was completely in it. And while my body honoured the music my mind travelled to beautiful places it had never been to before. Earth Sky Dance blows my mind, body and soul again. Thank you xx. ~Laura

  • I don’t know who does the dancing. ~Helen

  • I felt very held in the space, supported, safe, and not judged at all. I’ve been to lots of dances, lots of different types of dance, different modalities… and this was a very special one. ~M

  • It felt exploratory. Like I was exploring, but not necessarily looking for anything. And at the beginning I felt like I was dancing… not just ‘moving,’ like I usually feel… but dancing, all ripply and fluid and connected. ~David

  • It might sound unusual, but I’ll say it anyway. My body felt like it melted into its structures… The music was brave. There was drama. And there was space. My imagination was free to go off where it wanted- and the body responds to that. And none of it matters… it all just is as it is really, isn’t it. ~Peter

  • That was delicious… Marvelous! ~Lena

  • I liked the music. Some of that took me back to my rave days! I love that I can do what I want to do and be how I need to be… in that moment. I released a lot. I find it’s very healing. ~Serena

  • Nathan the profound impact and its progression that your class has for me. Your relationship with the room. Enhancing one another. Its size and essence lending itself to the intimacy of people’s movement in the space. And ourselves in it. I think it helps us all care for the space. I knew I was going to say intimate immersive. But I didn’t know I was going to say deep loving spontaneous from the enriching experience. ~Peter

  • I decided to take the class as I felt it could build my confidence and I was surprised to be taken on an emotional meditative journey. I really did feel as though I was letting go and releasing the past, the unconscious and conscious that had built up within me. I will hopefully be coming to next week’s class. I really enjoyed the free dance and felt instantly at ease in a non-judgemental environment. Thank you. ~Jodie

  • There is a depth to the sound in the music you choose. ~Anna

  • It wasn’t tiredness… it wasn’t a dream state… I don’t know what it was. It was something completely different. Tonight I felt completely in my dance, all the way through, from start to finish. ~Peter

  • I really liked the music- a wonderful selection. It was good to be unfamiliar with the tracks, as it meant there was less association or memory, and more freedom to be in the moment. I felt a lot of resistance to dancing at first because I was tired… but I felt there was the space to allow myself to listen to my body and give myself what I needed. A small but really powerful group. And you’ve got a very loving energy, which holds the space beautifully. ~Charlotte

  • This is the dance night I feel most comfortable… I feel supported by the music, by the ambiance and the atmosphere… So thank you. ~John

  • I didn’t know what to expect… but I found it very relaxing and releasing… more yin than ‘ecstatic dance’. ~Alice

  • Thank you for your beautiful class, the benefits of it are showing in so many different aspects of life. ~Francesca

  • That was quite a trip! A great space to let go of it all! Thanks Nathan. ~Dan

  • …It’s like entering a dream state. ~Peter

  • I like the fact that you don’t have to be someone. Even in a yoga class I feel I have to be someone, or be good at it. Here, it’s space to be without all that. You don’t have to be someone, you can just be. ~Donald

  • What a dance, perfectly timed in a gorgeous space. Nathan’s musical choices felt inspired. I left feeling all floaty and wanting more. ~Kim

  • Highly recommend Earth Sky Dance sessions with Nathan Godolphin. He helps folks feel completely welcome in every aspect of themselves, brings a variety of music, offers just the right amount of sensitive guidance with plenty of space, and generally holds a magical event. Highly recommend. ~Hannah

  • It was more than just another dance class… it became a specific moment in time, an event… the space became almost like a chapel, a magical space where things happened… I went through many different stages, some of them difficult, but also liberating. That was my feeling at the end. I felt completely free. ~Xelis

  • That was great! I didn’t know how much I needed that! ~Ruth

  • I feel like I re-discovered what I would call God, or Spirit, for the first time in a long while. A beautiful practice. ~Caroline

  • A beautiful dance. I loved dancing in the candlelight. ~Joao

  • Towards the end it felt like I was being born, like coming into the world… there was gravitas, meaning, to the movement. You’ll be seeing me again. ~Tania

  • I found it very meditative. Almost like trance dance. It felt more Shamanistic than 5Rhythms. ~Panyo

  • That was pretty incredible… pretty funky… I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that before. It was powerful… I felt free to express in my body and was visioning in my imagination- the music like my bones playing on a xylophone… I imagined mechanistic and factory landscapes, there was nature too, and dancing with crabs! It was a powerful experience. I loved it.

    At times I was just pure energy… I mean genuinely… pixels, multi-coloured raindrops and that sort of stuff! I was even controlling the weather in my imagination… I was doing all sorts of stuff!

    The reason I came here was to de-stress from work, and I feel de-stressed. Dancing here was like an inner massage… like giving myself an inner massage. I really enjoyed it, thank you. ~Rob

  • It’s not about the dance- as in the movements you make- it’s about the journey. ~Astra

  • Earth Sky Dance is an open invitation to connect more deeply with yourself, to gently go beyond your comfortable edges and an opportunity to dance to some high class tunes, all held in a very safe and present space, allowing you to really let go into the truth felt in the body and in the moment – highly recommended! ~Guy

  • What you offer, and the space you hold… it’s exquisite! A lovely space to open up into, and to curl up into. ~Tali

  • In other groups, I may be having a lovely dance, but I often miss my movements… I miss the subtleties of movement. Earth Sky Dance is a group in which I connect directly with the sensitivities and subtleties of movement and myself. It is the depth of the practice that touches me.

    I feel a lot of structure in [the] class… but no control. I feel your care in holding the space, supporting the dance. And always the feeling of the dance I have here is very subtle… always… ~Peter

  • A meditative personal journey. It’s a really safe space to let go, and process feelings. It’s such a healing space and this is one of the most therapeutic things I do all week. ~Lisa

  • Earth Sky Dance- world music meets freestyle dance- Love it! Problems are resolved or dissolved through movement… like working things out in an enjoyable way on a level beyond the mind. I feel a lot of freedom in these groups. ~Gabriel

    Earth Sky Dance is similar to 5 Rhythms.