Earth Sky Dance Music and Mixes


Not all mixes are posted here. In fact there are relatively few. That’s the point. The event is to be entered into in the fullness of LIFE. Direct. Real. Humanly Here. There is no substitute. Some things just aren’t fully experienced and expressed online- and they can’t be. Life (and Life moving!) is one of them. We are Spiritual, Organic, Embodied Beings. There is absolutely no substitute for Being Here- and practising being here. Which, fortunately, is what Earth Sky Dance is all about.


Final Fridays Session Mix 28/07/17:

Mix 22/07/17:

LISTENING MIX (…and dancing if you want!) June 2017 (electronic):

Mix 29/04/17:

Mix 08/04/17:


Mix 14/01/17:

Mix 21/10/16:

Mix 01/10/16:

Mix 16/04/16:

Mix 19/03/16:

Mix 04/03/16:

Mix 27/02/16:

Mix 29/01/16:

Mix 06/11/15:

Mix 13/06/15:

Mix 02/06/15 (1-hour class):

A mix recorded at Earth Sky Dance 27/03/15:


And from 14/03/15:


There’s an eclectic mix of music in each Earth Sky Dance session, woven together seamlessly and spanning diverse genres. Anything that inspires. Anything that touches the depths within us and supports the free-flow of our expression. Plenty of electronic music. But not limited to just this or any other one type of sound.

The music may be easy to move to, or even difficult at times. The opportunity is to stay with. Beyond getting caught up in liking or disliking any particular track, there is always something to put into movement. The liking or disliking may be the key to inviting in a particular body response. Letting it be in expression. Similarly, any thought, feeling or image that presents itself in your awareness could be your inspiration for movement, as you stay with the process. Staying with the dance, we are learning to stay with ourselves. In this, there is liberation.

The music guides and supports the process of unfolding and returning to Self.

Dancing in a conscious way.